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Whirlwind PL2213016P Powerlink Distro Plus Circuit Breaker L2130 to 6 Powercon


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Whirlwind PL2213016P Powerlink Distro Plus Circut Breaker L2130 to 6 powercon

Made in USA

Whirlwind Powerlink Division makes the best AC power stringers made today. Make sure your event will go off with out a hitch everytime and will be safe with Powerlink Distro Units.

Using light weight aluminum panels, premium, fast
response magnetic circuit breakers, and top of the line components.
Built the way you’d expect when the Whirlwind name is on it. 

Each PL2 module converts a multi-phase input into independent branch circuits, and also provides a multi-phase output connector so multiple boxes can be linked together. The PL2 series is perfect for distributing power around a stage, trade show kiosks or festival booths. The optional PL2-FB fly bracket allows the PL2 to be mounted to truss for multi-circuit power distribtuion to loudspeakers and lighting fixtures. All PL2 modules are UL-listed devices.

Part number: PL2-2130-1-6P-000

*PL2 Stringer
* L2130 chassis inlet
* (6) PowerCon 20A outlets
* Neon indicator lamps
* circuit breaker