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The Ramsey Show gets W1 Audio Upgrades from Echotone

The Ramsey Show gets W1 Audio Upgrades from Echotone

Posted by Echotone Music on Jun 28th 2024

Dave Ramsey Show

The top-rated and very popular Ramsey Show Podcast from Nashville Tennessee has been broadcasting for many decades starting its journey from WWTN 99.7 Talk radio. It now runs nationwide on 588 radio stations to FM and AM radio. Plus podcast episodes are on all the popular social media sites, like YouTube, X, Sirius XM Radio, and many other platforms.

The 1990's

Things have come a long way since the radio show's first broadcast where Dave and his team would literally cut reel-to-reel tape and put it onto tape carts. They were in a makeshift room at WSM Country Station in Nashville. It was just radio and no video at the time. The broadcast then was in its infancy and was operated on an old discount particle board table and ran on one tiny 18" mixing board and a couple of microphones.

Matt Aaron

Finally in 2006 they brought on Matt Aaron the new chief audio engineer. He runs the now fully equipped studio and broadcast center for the Dave Ramsey Show. Now with a full console, dual audio racks, video switch, and monitors galore. A top-end pro audio and video studio that any sound engineer would want to work in.

Broadcast in 2024

The new state of the art broadcast studio set is now in Franklin Tennesee. Dave Ramsey, co-host John Delony and Rachel Cruze deliver a top-notch show, several live events, and many special guests. The live show now travels fiber optic to New York City to ABC where it is then transmitted to the "bird" satellite to broadcast live to all 588 radio stations.

Plus there is a big ultimate Cruise event where you will be on board with Dave and the gang for 6 days in 2025. These guys have a lot going on these days.

Shipped Next Day

Echotone Music shipped the popular B12MNRW1CM Whirlwind W1 mini stage boxes to Jake Isham the live event coordinator for Ramsey Solutions. These 12-channel stage boxes will give them much more flexibility and speed in setting up live events at different venues or even in the main studio to run audio anywhere needed.

Whirlwind B12MNRW1CM

These are cold-rolled steel color-coded boxes hand-built. They have become the most popular stage box at venues and studios worldwide. With their unique slim design, these units can go where other XLR boxes can't. Hang on a trust, slide behind equipment, or on its side in tight spaces.

Versatile stage boxes that we always have a pile on hand in stock and ready to ship.

Whirlwind W1 Mini Stage Box