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JBL EON' Speakers still a DJ's Dream on the Move

JBL EON' Speakers still a DJ's Dream on the Move

Posted by Echotone Music LLC on Jun 12th 2024

DJ's and Live Bands Shine

Many DJs and bands are looking for the best option in professional portable PA speakers that also have power & modern features that really shine. Plus let's not forget about incredible sound. 

JBL EON715 Powered PA Speakers

So we thought lets highlight the new JBL EON715 series for today's feature in gigging gear for professionals. The latest and greatest in active portable powered speakers for many different setups.

Innovation of the 1990's

The EON line set the benchmark for professional portable sound back when they were introduced by JBL nearly 30 years ago in 1995. 

The original EON 715 power was an industry first that introduced a new kind of speaker to the world.It sold 300,000 units back then on its introduction. JBL’s exclusive neodymium differential driver was 20 lbs lighter at the time and was a huge breakthrough in portable sound.

Here is a pair of the original JBL EON 15" power PA speakers still being used today. I'm sure the new JBL EON715s will serve you for years to come as well.

Vintage 1995 JBL EON15 PA Loudspeaker
JBL 2024 Portable Power
Now the new EON715s are even lighter and have a peak power of 1300w with 650 watts RMS. Plenty of power and coverage for small and medium-sized venues. Plus they now have a built-in lighted mixer in the back and other great features like dbx automatic feedback.
Bluetooth App Becomes Your Portable Mixer
Also if you like modern Bluetooth control of your speaker setup, the JBL Pro Connect app allows you to adjust and control your sound from anywhere in the venue. This makes it very convenient to control, EQ, Delay, limiters, and more right from your phone, laptop or tablet. 
  JBL Bluetooth App for Phone or Tablet
Pro Audio Gear has come a long way in 30 years and it's nice to know that JBL is still innovating and a leader in the field of professional speakers. Hung on hooks or mounted on traditional speaker poles these speakers will serve you well and make a huge impression on your brand and establishment. 
To purchase the new JBL EON715 speakers simply type that in the top search bar of Echotone Music website. They should pop up for you. If you would like further assistance don't be afraid to reach out. We are willing to take the time to help anyone.