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Whirlwind Powerlink Power Distro12U 24X30 200 Amp Service with meter UL Approved

Whirlwind Powerlink Power Distro12U 24X30 200 Amp Service with meter UL Approved

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Whirlwind Powerlink Power Distro12U 24X30 200 Amp Service with meter UL Approved

***PLEASE READ. Contact us to configure exactly the distro you want as this one is a real fully loaded distro ,however you may need a different configuration, imput panels or amperage etc etc.***
Get a fast and easy quote today!  Build times vary between 3-6 weeks depending exactly on the configuration you need.
You can purchase this Exact configuration if it will def suit your needs.  If you have any questions at all please contact us ***

Introducing the safest, most reliable UL® Listed Power Distro on the market, and it’s made by Whirlwind, the most trusted name in audio interface.Made in the USA using light weight aluminum panels, premium, fast response magnetic circuit breakers, and top of the line components. Built the way you’d expect when the Whirlwind name is on it

PLD Disto Overview Information.

PL-PM1 Power Meter
• Eight, super-bright, 14.2mm GaAlAs LED displays insure high-visibility even in direct sunlight.
• Requires only a single active phase for full functionality.
• 208V (phase-phase) and 120V (phase-neutral) voltage monitoring modes.
• X, Y, Z and N loads monitored simultaneously in both modes.
• Monitoring of N-G voltage (120V mode) and Frequency (208V mode). General
• Hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers ensure accurate, rapid branch circuit protection and
are not subject to the effects of ambient heat and the erosion of functionality that is inherent to thermal circuit breakers.
• Genuine Hubbell receptacles and mains connectors.
• Neon indicators for every circuit.
• Exclusive, free Design Pro software allows easy distro configuration.
• Hand-wired in Rochester, NY.

This example distro shown here includes the following panels and is housed in a standard ATA flightcase with Rack lighting built in on each side. This can also be ordered built into one of the premium Cyclone Shock mount pocket door cases as well.
You can also get this or any Power Link distro built in a install version with out the case so you can put it in the back of your venue in an permenent or shelved version.  This will beable to take power from your generator truck or install power source and distribute it out safely through out stage or event area. 

Front Panels

PL-PM1RJ- Meter

PLC201- 6 20A 1P breakers, 6 duplex, 2-RU

PlM-602- Main breaker 200Amp 

Input panel
PL1440- 10 Cam-Lok, 24 circuits per leg, 4-RU

Back Panel

PLC-202   - 6 20A 1P breakers, 6 NAC3MPB, 2-RU

PLC-238 - 3 30A 3P breakers, 3 L21-30, 3-RU

PLC-238- 3 30A 3P breakers, 3 L21-30, 3-RU

PLC-238 - 3 30A 3P breakers, 3 L21-30, 3-RU

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