Rochelle Anglo Concertina, Quality Italian Accordion Reeds Sqeeze Box Nice tone

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Quality well-made Concertina! 
Double boxed to arrive safely
This concertina produces different notes on push and pull.        
 The Rochelle is a 30 key C-G Anglo concertina with italian reeds, designed and developed with the player in mind. These are designed and built by concertina lovers for concertina lovers with detail to action, tone and playability. The Rochelle has been developed especially for beginning anglo players. Although the  instrument is perfectly capable of meeting the requirements of intermediate players, we understand that many players might want to upgrade to a vintage or new instrument later on.With this in mind, we made all the important features, such as key board lay out, spacing of the keys, key diameter, key travel (the height of the keys), number of bellows folds, etc. identical to traditional anglo concertinas, to assure a smooth transition to a higher class concertina later on.   
The anglo concertina is a wonderful versatile instrument, that is relatively easy to learn and perfect for all kinds of folk music. Because of its small size it is very portable, and it blends perfectly with other instruments. The relatively high price of vintage concertinas and ‘mid priced’ new models, has kept many prospective players from trying the concertina. The Rochelle has been developed to cater to this group of potential players. It is the perfect
instrument for anyone interested in trying out the anglo concertina without having to invest a large amount of money to purchase that first instrument.
The Rochelle has a traditional riveted action. The action makes the instrument 'feel' much like a high priced vintage instrument.
Traditional Wheatstone keyboard layout.
6 fold bellows
traditional hand rails
Accordion type steel reeds
Soft bag
47 page tutoral book to show you how to play the concertina
Product Specs, written by the creators of this instrument

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