Gliga Handmade Gems 1 4/4 Violin w/case and bow. Beautiful Tone Sold Woods


Gliga Gems 1 Romanian Handmade Violin 4/4 size~w/ Case and Bow.

Hand varnished

Fully Lined Wood Bow w, Ebony Frog, Genuine Mongolian Horsehair

     These violins are made in Romania in the shop of world renowned Luthier Vasile Gliga. This violin has solid Carpathian maple back, sides and neck with and a Carpathian solid spruce top, some very nice scroll work and a slightly antiqued finish with all ebony fittings (fingerboard, tailpiece, endpin and pegs). Wood for these instruments comes from the same region where it is said that Stradivarius himself attained his wood. The violin comes set up with Aubert Bridge and four fine tuners, a lightweight case and a fully lined wood bow with an ebony frog and genuine Mongolian horsehair. These have general setups from the factory and may need to be tweeked to each individual player.  If you are in the market for an upgrade on your violin  then this would be great for you. Gliga is well known for quality, beautiful tone and easy playability. Be assured of the quality that you get with a Gliga.

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