Dream Bliss 24" Small Bell Flat Ride Cymbal BSBF24 3201g

Echo Tone Music

Hand-Hammered, One-of-a-Kind Instrument

(brand new from factory, slight scuff and water mark, logo smudge) reduced due to very very minor marks)
This 24 bliss ride provides an excellent rounded and woody stick attack sound with the clear ping of a flat ride. It has a delightful vintage style wobble from bell to edge and a small distinctive-sounding bell. This is a flag ship cymbal of Dream and there is no other cymbal like it. . All the control and definition of a flat ride without the annoying thin harmonics and unbalanced sound found in a typical flat ride. the secret lies in the hand hammering and smallest of bells. and a bit of magic dust.

Collections: Cymbals

Type: cymbal

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