Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner, Stage Tuning Stomp Box Pedal


The Boss TU-3 is the next evolution of the TU-2, the world's top-selling stage tuner. With the same chassis as the TU-2 and countless other Boss stomps, it's insanely tough; holding it feels like holding a small tank. The 21-segment LED indicator can be set to High Brightness mode to be seen even in the harshest outdoor or stage light. You can tune by string number or by note as you need to. The Guitar/Bass mode's Flat Tuning feature makes drop-tuning super easy, supporting up to 7 semi-tones. For specific calibration, the TU-3 can be fine tuned from 436 - 445 Hz. With two outputs, you have the option of tuning in silence or using the bypass jack for continuous output while using the TU-3. Both can be used simultaneously to split your signal and send it to two destinations at once. When you're all tuned up, the Accu-Pitch signal will verify that you're in tune. On top of it all, just one TU-3 can supply power for up to 7 compact effect pedals! It runs on a 9V battery or you can plug it in to the wall with the AC power jack. (AC adapters sold separately.)

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Type: Pedal

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