Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz/Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal (Made in the USA!)


The Big Muff Pi is the very standard for a rich, precise fuzz effect, depended on by big names such as Santana and Hendrix. With this pedal, Electro-Harmonix set the bar high, delivering a more articulate and versatile fuzz than their competitors. Many distortion pedals put out a muddy tone, but the Big Muff Pi really articulates every note. It has volume, tone, and sustain controls. The tone knob essentially boosts or cuts the higher frequencies, while the sustain knob controls sustain and distortion levels. Between changing up just the tone and sustain, as well as your pickups, you can manipulate and alter the tone of your guitar into what sounds like totally different instruments. The Big Muff Pi is the biggest and best fuzz pedal out there! It runs on a 9V battery or you can plug it in to the wall with the AC power jack. (AC adapters sold separately.)

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