Banjo Primer 5 string Banjo instruction Lesson Book Deluxe Edition, How to play Banjo with 2 CDs and DVD


5 String Banjo Primer For Beginners Instruction Book Deluxe Edition

by Geoff Hohwald

Learn to play the banjo fast and easy!

This complete Watch & Learn beginning 5-string banjo method book includes 2 audio jam CDs for the student to play along and quickly learn how to play at 5 different speeds. An acoustic band plays with you on the fastest speed. A very complete book to learn from which includes 40 photographs, basic rolls, easy to play song arrangements, and up the neck breaks. This 58 page book has the instruction you need to get you playing fast, and correctly. Comes DVD that has thorough instruction. Visually teaches you both right, and left handed playing using close ups, and split screens. The large on screen tablature has a moving playback line as is points to each note being played. The book suggests to learn the songs on the DVD, and in the book before play along with them on the 2 Jam CDs. The book clearly indicates when to use the DVD or jam CDs for further instruction. Even if you have been playing for decades I would recommend this book to you to use it as an extra tool to further your advancement. Remember that the fundamentals comes first, and that you never stop learning. 
The author himself, Geoff Hohwald,has played and taught the banjo for over 40 years. So you know your are getting instruction from an experienced musician. 

                       Quickly and easily learn to play like the pros with this step by step method.

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