Acoustic Rock Guitar Instruction Lesson Book DVD Video & CD Free Falling


Acoustic Rock Guitar Instruction Book and DVD Video plus CD
Beginners learn easy with New Deluxe addition

Now you can learn rock style guitar much easier with Watch & learns popular instruction book with a video DVD included to show you exactly how to play.  Rewind DVD and watch over so you can get it right and learn much faster.  Play on your computer or DVD player. This is the most comprehensive and complete Acoustic guitar instruction book on the market.  This covers everything from holding the instrument, tuning, positions, keys, chords, huge chord chart,  how to read notes or tab.  This also goes through strumming, power chords, and even beginning lead techniques theory and scales.  This is the newest edition that just came out. 

Plus this 65 page book has several big hit rock songs you will learn also like, Free Falling, Run around sue, All along the watchtower, Cant you see and more.   Plus it has the audio CD also to help you get everything sounding correct.  Book DVD, and audio CD all included for one price.  

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