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Here at Echo Tone Music, we take pride in offering the best customer service experience possible. We operate out of a local store in Rochester, NY and have been shipping orders across the globe for more than a decade! Any orders you make with us are guaranteed to be well-packed, secure, and shipped on the same day or next day.
We're a shop run by professional musicians; the only products we sell are ones we know are going to be high-quality and beyond what you'd expect from others in the same price range. We've received high ratings from professional musicians and hobbyists for years and are an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau. The reviews we've shared below are just a snippet of our many happy customers!
Our local setting lets us get in touch with customers quickly and personally -- if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! We'd love to add your feedback to this page!

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6/17/2016 -- Paul, NY, USA

"Echo tone Music was really great to deal with, honest and came up with a fair price for setting up and rewiring my Ibanez Roadstar II guitar. It played well before but the Floyd Rose tremolo didn't work as I thought it should (a couple of string would go a little flat) and the pickup I had installed in the late 80's didn't seem to scream as it should. It took them 1 day to set the guitar up and rewire the pickups. WHAT A DIFFERENCE !! I'm the second owner of this guitar and have had it for almost 30 years and it has NEVER sounded or played so good! I would absolutely recommend Echo-Tone Music to anyone that needs either a new instrument or to have theirs repaired! Thanks Echo tone!"

10/05/2014 -- Christa, GA, USA

"I love this instrument!

A decent concertina is almost always an expensive thing, so I was a little concerned about this one being less than $500. I've been playing it for about a month now, and I find that my concerns were unfounded.

I used to have one of those horrible cheapies mass manufactured in China... leaking air, slow action on the buttons and out of tune reeds. This is nothing like that. The Elise has good solid construction and plays well in tune. I've performed with it in a large "guitar jam" setting a couple of times, and it stood up to the test admirably."

Robert, NY, USA

"I received the Seagull Classic yesterday and I was shocked at how beautiful it is. I was concerned that it might not be what I hoped for. It feels like a dream. Thanks to your Luthier for the setup and for our phone conversation. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again!"

Caroline, NY, USA

"Went there to find an acoustic guitar and I love the Alvarez i got there. It sounds really good and came with a nice thick gig bag. They even gave me a free pair of strings and a stand at no charge. They were fun and professional and I think it was the owner I talked too. We talked music and had a good time. Will return AA+ love the new location."

David, Santa Cruz, CA

"Awesome seller! Beautiful instrument. Great packaging. Very pleased! Thank you!"

Mike, Dallas, TX

"These cables are great! Have had a set of them for 5 years and still going strong. Bought these ones for a buddy of mine. Thank you!"

Scott (Of the Code 5 Band), Rochester, NY

"To The Great Folks At Echo Tone Music:
Every once in a while a great product comes along and changes your perspective on sound. I'm referring to the Boss LMB-3 Bass/Limiter/Enhancer. The highs have clarity, the lows stay tight, and the general sound is awesome! The LMB-3 is now an essential piece of my equipment. Thank you for introducing me to the product and best wishes. I'm glad the neighborhood has such a first-class music shop."

Guitar World: S.U.B Ray 4 Bass by Sterling by Music Man

"Here we are then, and immediately there is little doubt that a great deal of effort has gone in to making this instrument a worthy member of the Music Man family. Yes, it comes in at a far lower price point in comparison to the premium USA models, but you'd not mistake where this bass gets its heritage...Plugging in, although the S.U.B. has only one fixed pickup and a two band EQ, there's a lot of tone variation on offer. The EQ has a smooth boost and roll off of both the treble and bass end. Boosting the lows and pulling back the top end gave the bass a great 'dub' sound whereas boosting the top end back up we were in to unmistakeable Stingray rasp territory. Slap bass sounded vibrant and zingy and fingerstyle seemed even enough across the fretboard...This is a great little bass for not a lot of money that I am sure would be a great addition for the beginner or indeed, even the gigging professional who, perhaps, wanted a spare, or only occasionally needed a 4-string bass."

Guitar World: Warlock MK5 by B.C. Rich

"This guitar is no classic throwback...but rather [it's] a bold refinement of those aesthetics that are equally up to the demands of today’s players...What really seals the deal is the MK5 Warlock’s crisp, refined tone. The pickups deliver output that’s not too hot or weak (there’s that “just right” balance again), providing aggressive attack and upper midrange snarl along with tight, refined bass that keeps even the most distortion-saturated tones sounding clear and well-defined...The latest chapter of the B.C. Rich saga looks very promising thanks to the impressive value and quality provided by instruments like the MK5 Warlock, which should please purists and newcomers alike."