Santa Claus parties with professional audio in 2022

Santa Claus parties with professional audio in 2022

The elfs are working hard all day and night to make all the toys for little girls & boys and trans kids too. The head elf lets the elfy crew break dance and  fly drones around the shop on casual fridays. 

Santa knows that he has to crank out some pretty cool Jams and display cool videos to keep the elfs happy working all day and keep them in good spirits.  So he gets on his new celly and heads to  He orders JBL speakers, a Soundcraft mixer & some wireless microphones for North Pole Karaoke night in Santas secret clubhouse. Yea its great and the north pole is so fire now!

Now all the elfs are bumpin while they work all day & are so happy. The head elf cranks up the tunes and gives the elfs bonus pay. Now there is even more toys that can be delivered to every kid in the whole wide world! Santa even goes to the international space station now and will need some isolation headphones when the big engines blast during takeoff.

Plus Ms clause loves that slow Jam & the secret Sub woofer Santa has hidden under the bed.;  Well now all is well in Santas Secret shop once again and 2022 will the best Christmas yet!    Happy holidays ot all and to all a good night!

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