QSC K12.2 Professional Audio Speakers

QSC K12.2 Professional Audio Speakers

When it comes to professional audio equipment for DJ's & live bands QSC line of equipment is going to be near the top of that list. This company has kept up very good quality over the years. Many people that have used QSC gear like the popular K12.2 powered speakers rave of the power, clarity and functionality of these very nice speakers. However at a grand a piece they are still worth every penny. 

Investing in quality equipment will pay off for any audio professional or artist in the end. You will gain fans, customers and jobs all because you took the time and saved a little extra to upgrade and make a real difference the audience will really notice. Now that very memorable function or show they attended is forever linked to you and your brand. People will be talking about the great time they had for years to come. 

Don't just get these amazing speakers for mains, use them as monitors also.  Make the band, actors or speaker really enjoy themselves therefore the end result will be a much better performance the audience will really love!

However you might say, wait a min you guys don't even have QSC available on your website at echtonemusic.net. Not exactly, we are an authorized QSC dealer and those orders are placed by phone only.  So please contact us 585-405-4375 and speak to someone to get pricing and current stock availability. We have lots of QSC speakers in stock, plus QSC GX power amplifiers , touch mix and much more. .

I final note. We realize not  everyone can afford K12's right off the bat so the Mackie SM series powered speaker at $499- $599 is a very good option indeed tinyurl.com/3vmst4tv.

Or shop all our speaker lines here https://echotonemusic.net/collections/speakers

Now go make a statement that will put your name on the map to success!


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