Now Featuring Leo Fender USA made G&L Guitars

by Echo tone Music September 12, 2015

The man of modern Music was an engineering genius and that title stands even more true today than ever before.  We now stock the Hand built USA models that are still produced today in the Historic Fender Ave Plant in Fullerton CA.  No two guitars are exactly a like and feature many upgrades and options to really put the icing on the cake.  As the head stock reads these are guitars by Leo, a man that could not play the guitar at all, but he sure could design and build some of the best guitars money can buy.  Check out many of  the new colors like Margarita Metallic or Graphite Frost, but you can always get your hands on a good classic candy apple red also.  

Hopefully we can outfit you with a top of the line guitar that you will come to love forever!

Echo tone Music
Echo tone Music