Pro Guitar Repair

by Echo tone Music June 07, 2016

Electric Guitar, bass and acoustic guitar repair done here in house at Echo tone Music .  

Get setups, fretwork, pickup installed, bridge work and much more done at reasonable prices.  We offer mods so if you need switches or push pull pots installed you can be confident the work will get done correctly. Have a guitar kit your building but need some help finishing?  Bring it in and we will get it playing sweet. 

Pro Guitar Repair

Sometimes you want better playability and sustain so our tech can install brass or bone nuts. This can also be done to saddles to improve your overall tone and ease of play. 

We can also assist you in structural repairs such as re-gluing a brace, neck, or head stock.  Also bridges lift and pull up and need to be cleaned and reset to the body.  You may have an older guitar that needs an entire neck reset.  We can carefully take the neck off and re-glue it and set it back in the proper position for the best possible playability. 

Whatever your repair needs be we can take care of those needs with fast turn around and reasonable rates for in house repair.  No job ever set out.

Echo Tone Music

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Echo tone Music
Echo tone Music