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The Midway in San Fransisco adds the Catmaster to it's Production Line Up

The Midway in San Fransisco adds the Catmaster to it's Production Line Up

Posted by ETM on Jul 8th 2024

The mega corperate event and entertainment center The Midway in San Fransisco near Islais Creek and Peir 80 is a very cool entertainment center that hosts a wide variety of events. Everything from DJ block Parties, art shows, catering, listening parties and culinary workshops

Corperate lounge The Midway

The entire complex has been painted in murals of art throughout the exterior of the building. With plenty of artist studios and artwork inside. This place is full of dynamic innovation and visual production. A safe and tech-savvy space to host your new event.

Everything from lighting to video boards and many different venue rooms to experience everything creative all under one roof and under the stars at night. Listening parties have become very popular and some big ones are coming up at The Midway. Tomorrow 7/9 is Radio Head's influential album "OK Computer" or July 11th is Daft Punk Selective Works. This is a dance party. You can experience an amazing modern next-generation 32-speaker system with so many of Daft's dance floor classics.

Check out the full event schedule Upcoming Events

Another really cool thing about events here is many of them are live-streamed. This way you can watch them on Twitch TV or Instagram as they go on. This is pretty cool. Very progressive and up to date and spreads art and innovation out there for people to experience who would not otherwise be exposed to it.

Dustin Rapheal the production manager at The Midway has been a repeat and regular customer of Echotone Music and we could not be more delighted. Recently they purchased the new Whirlwind RJ45 Catdusa Catmaster data rack unit. Plus the CT-F mini Catdusa snakes. The Catmaster was just released a year and a half ago and has been gaining popularity. Audio Visual teams and event productions have been making it one of their go-to units,

Whirlwind Catmaster

Since Dustin and The Midway have so many video screens, mixing boards, and a wide variety of media going on at once, the Ethernet Catmaster is just what they need. With 6 Neutrk EtherCON inputs, you can run a lot of data from your laptop computer out to audio XLR for many different setups.

We now stock the full line of Whirlwind Catdusa RJ45 products. These include the Whirlwind Catmaster, Cadusa, Multicat, Catformer, and others. Made in the USA and with premium parts these units will give you many years of service and convenience to run a variety of events with much quicker setup and options.

Well we can't wait to visit the Midway ourselves and experience an event that I'm sure we will remember for years to come. We love being a small part of a much bigger educational and artistic place that has so much to offer so many people with different interests.

Congrats to The Midway Team! Confetti to all!